Saturday, February 14, 2015

Re-Blogging: An Open Letter About Time by Bloomingspiders

DJ and I celebrated our 25th Valentine's together. We like to joke that everyday is Valentine's for us...that's how in love we are. We don't need the gifts and chocolates and roses anymore. We don't need the fancy dinners and weekend-long celebrations. We are content to stay home; put the kids to bed; then have some wine and cheese out on the patio, listening to music. That's our ideal night, any night.

As he grilled some Argentine cuts of beef for us, I decided to read a blog I've been following recently. I wasn't prepared for the tears that ensued though as I read today's entry. Beautiful and profound doesn't begin to describe her words - especially to someone who often writes about her father, our rocky past, and our current journey of healing. I worry about losing him Every. Single. Day.

Reading Dani's words made me realize how precious time is and how we must never forget the love we have for those in our lives. We need to put our egos in check. Remember our spirits. Listen to our hearts; not our heads. Forgive. Love.

Please read this inspiring post. I hope you find healing and a desire for peace in your heart like it gave me.

"Dearest Reader,

I received a call four days ago. It was one of those calls; the kind that even the phone knows is bad. I was told my father couldn’t speak or move. He had been found that way. “The ambulance is on its way”, she said. “We’ll call once we have more information”.


In the car, I looked through my phone and changed my background to one of him and I. Then I went and listened to my voicemail. The most recent one was him saying “You never answer” then a click. I couldn’t move–couldn’t breathe really–and began thinking: What was it he said again?  I take what money and put it where?  And where are those documents? And then I call whom?"


...continue reading...An Open Letter About Time by Dani at Bloomingspiders

Photo by DanceLaughLuv
Jenner, CA, August 2010
where the Russian River meets the Pacific


  1. This was so kind of you, sweetie. Thank you.

    With heart,

    1. You're so welcome but honestly, I could share every single blog post you write. Your words always have way of touching my heart deeply. XOXO


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